What We Provide

You love escaping to your secondary home. However, when you are not there, why not consider allowing couples, families or other qualified renters to enjoy it on a limited basis all while helping you cover you cost of ownership?


Casa Concierge can help make that happen.
We have the resources to locate and screen potential renters and the means to manage everything throughout their stay. That frees you to enjoy the benefits of renting without any distractions.


Renters will rest easy knowing that their needs will be responded to quickly and effectively by our concierge team.


Casa Concierge provides the expertise of property managers, the exceptional service of highly experienced real estate professionals and the community connections of longtime residents that will enable you to rent your residence, or locate your desired vacation getaway, with complete peace of mind. Specializing in properties located along Central Florida’s scenic west coast, Casa Concierge provides seamless service that ensures a worry-free experience for homeowners and guests.
Specializing in managing properties along Central Florida's scenic west coast, Casa Concierge provides seamless service that ensures a stress-free experience for homeowners and guests.


  • We care about our clients. You are our priority and we will remain in close contact with you throughout every transaction and transition.
  • We are hands-on and capable of handling every detail and anticipating every need.
  • We regularly schedule on-site visits and check-ins with tenants.
  • We have the resources, contacts and know-how to handle any maintenance needs that might occur during a rental and will oversee all housekeeping needs, from pre-arrival to post-departure, to make sure the property remains pristine.
Partnering with certified property managers provides homeowners with the services they need and benefits that they will appreciate. Here are a few of the ways that we look out for you:


  • We connect, contact and contract with quality renters who have been appropriately screened
  • We work hard to protect and preserve your investment through a hands-on property management style
  • We market your home to maximize its income-producing potential